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Dahi Vada
Appetizers, Snacks

Dahi Vada

Hot and crispy medu vadas are a go to snack for any occasion in South India. However, hot climatic conditions in India and spicy food call for the use of yogurt, the most popular way to calm down the gut in Indian cuisine. Just as we yearn for dips in […]

Medu Vada

Medu Vada

Coffee and doughnuts are a popular morning food for office goers in the West, and you can say the same about Medu Vada (aka Medhu Vadai) and Kaapi for us South Indians. If you have an opportunity to visit any decent south Indian eatery – from street vendor to fine […]

Overhead shot of ready to be served oven roasted eggplant
Side Dishes

Oven Roasted Eggplant

Here’s a quick and delicious oven roasted eggplant recipe for those days when you’re too lazy to make something elaborate, yet want to fill up your healthy veggie quota for the day. A generous sprinkle of easily available spices on the eggplant slices is what makes this my favorite. Toss […]

HeroShot Rasam Powder
Spice Blends

Rasam Powder

If sambar is the king of dishes in south India, rasam is the unparalleled queen! To make these two dishes without sacrificing authenticity, you’ll need the magic masala that’s unique to each. If you have Rasam Powder (Rasam Podi) in your pantry, making sublime rasam every time will be child’s […]

Chana Potli

Chana Potli Samosa

Chana potli samosas made with 100% whole wheat are bite sized healthier versions of the popular and beloved Indian snack, the samosa. These are super simple to make with ingredients that are readily available. Let’s dive in… What is Chana Potli Samosa Chana (chickpea) potlis (bags) are innovatively shaped appetizers […]

Puran Poli
Desserts, Snacks

Puran Poli with 100% Whole Wheat

Puran Poli is a sweetened version of its popular savory counterpart dal paratha. It is a flat bread stuffed with jaggery sweetened split chickpea lentils (Puranam – Tamil / Puran – Marathi) and is a heavenly treat when served with dollops of ghee. Sadly this recipe calls for the use […]


Kali – Thiruvathirai Sweetened Rice

Kali is a sweet dish prepared especially for the Thiruvathirai festival in the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Devotees make this dish with rice and yellow split moong dal along with jaggery, and usually serve it with a seasonal speciality side dish known as Thiruvathirai Kootu made […]

Kootu-Thiruvadhirai Ezhu Curry Kootu
Side Dishes

Kootu – Thiruvathirai Ezhu Kari

On the day of the Thiruvathirai festival which falls on the full moon day after the winter solstice, folks in the South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu celebrate Lord Shiva in his dance form – Nataraja. While the main offering for this occasion is Kali, a sweetened rice dish, […]

Achari Aloo
Main Course

Achari Aloo

Achari Aloo is pickle flavored roasted potato. It’s a popular main dish in North India and is served with butter naan, roti, or rice. While this is usually made with a unique spice blend called achari masala, the recipe below is different in that it’s been hacked to eliminate that […]